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What The Tech? iPhone 8

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Judging from what I saw at a Verizon store this morning, most people couldn't care less about the new iPhone 8.

Apple released its newest phone Friday morning in Apple stores at wireless carriers. Historically release dates call for more employees to take care of a large number of customers wanting to upgrade from the phone they have now. Stores brought in more sales representatives in anticipation but when the doors flew open, only a few customers walked in. Nothing like the crowd who stood in line for hours for the iPhone 7 a year ago.

"It's a little different," said Verizon's John Knotts who was in the store for the big day. "We've seen a difference in traffic. There's a lot of people who are excited about the 8 specifically but we've also seen a lot of people holding off in anticipation of that new device."

That new device is the $1,000 iPhone X which is due out in November.

"We still prepped as we normally do," Knotts said of their plans for a large crowd. "But just more and more from what we heard from the traffic that was coming in, we started to feel we would have less than what we'll have during the holiday season."

The few folks who were picking up the new iPhone 8 were generally upgrading from an iPhone 6, 6s or the iPhone 5. They have no need for the most expensive phone, the X, but did want to take advantage of deals for the iPhone 8. All of the wireless carriers are offering at least $300 to upgrade from an iPhone 7 while Sprint is offering an iPhone 8 for free with the trade-in of an iPhone 7 or 7 plus.

Why the disinterest in the iPhone 8? For the most part the phones are too similar. The iPhone 8 comes in an 's' year and probably would of, or should have been called the iPhone 7s. Apple skipped the 's' this time.

From what I was able to see this morning, people are waiting on the iPhone X. November's release will be much different than this one.

The iPhone X is available for pre-order October 27th and will ship a week later

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