Republican Senator Bob Corker said nothing has changed with the president since his comments at the Chattanooga Rotary Club on Friday.

"We're two business guys that talk in frank ways and yet we continue to talk often," Senator Bob Corker, (R) Tennessee said.

Last week, he met with President Donald Trump in the Oval Office.

On Tuesday, he spoke with him over the phone about some of the big issues facing the country including the nuclear threat from North Korea.

The president called Senator Corker last night to "shoot the breeze."

"There's no daylight between us. Our relationship is not changed in any way," Senator Corker said.

What has changed is the war of words between the president and North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un. It's intensified.

President Trump nicknaming him "rocket man." He's called for sanctions on anyone who does business with North Korea.

Kim Jong Un striking back calling the president "deranged" and threatening to test a hydrogen bomb over the Pacific Ocean.

"From the standpoint of people here being worried today about a nuclear weapon coming to the United States, that's not a fear people should have," Senator Corker said.

Corker explains no matter how much pressure the U.S. puts on North Korea, they're likely not going to stop.

"The leader of North Korea believes if he can develop a nuclear weapon that is deliverable to the United States, then in essence, he allows himself to die as an old man in a bed for lack of a better expression," Senator Corker said.

He said no one should be concerned today, but there might be room to worry down the road.

"The concern is that a country like North Korea ends up selling what they know to rogue entities that are terrorist organizations and you end up with a dirty bomb," Senator Corker said.

Senator Corker, who serves as the chairman of the foreign relations committee, said the U.S. should remain peaceful and diplomatic. That's in case all options are exhausted and other measures have to be taken.