The Dalton Police Department is investigating the theft of more than $4,000 worth of tires from a local tire store.

Officials say the suspects, who were caught on camera by the store owner, used three different fraudulent credit card transactions in order to steal the tires.

The transactions took place on August 14th and August 25th at Arevalo's Tires and Services located on Glenwood Avenue.

Officials say the first two orders were placed by phone on August 14th, and one order was $1,620 for six 265/70R17CPR Discover tires and four 275/60R15 CPR Cobra tires.

The second order on August 14th was for $1,180 for a set of four 245/70R17 Goodyear Wrangler tires and two 10PLY 265/75R16 tires.

Officials say the customer paid with a Visa card, but did not want the tires installed. The store received word on Aug.18th that the charges were fraudulent, after the tires were already picked up.

"They sent some letter and that's when I went to the police and report what happened," said Eduardo Arevalo, Store Owner. 

A third order was placed by phone using a different Visa card on August 25th, and this customer also did not want the tires installed. Officials say the order was for a set of four 295/75R22.5 tires in the amount of $1,700.

Officials say the store owner was suspicious because of the similarities to the previous theft, and he took a picture of two of the three suspects who arrived to pick up the tires.

The store was notified by its bank that the third charge was also fraudulent.

"People trying to make a living out of this, for this to happen we don't want anyone to have to go through this," said Frank Salinas, Arevalo's Employee. 

Officials say the suspects in the third transaction were three black males in a white Ford minivan with some damage to the back lift gate.

Anyone with any information on these suspects is asked to call Detective Aaron Simpson at 706-278-9085.