Some Harrison residents hope county leaders will scrap plans to build a landfill near their neighborhood.

Residents fought the creation of the first landfill, which is now full. County leaders say a new one is needed, but residents say not in our neighborhood.

Commissioners will have to rezone the property in a few weeks. Between now and then, residents are hoping to change their minds.

Residents of morning glory farm subdivision fear history may repeat itself.

“The dump up there didn't have to have a liner so it was leaking into the river and they're wanting to build it without a liner and it's gonna be draining down to the river,” said Vickie Bayless. 

The proposed landfill would be used for landscaping and construction waste, but residents worry about the impact on the environment.

So, the group took their concerns to county commissioners.

“We just got nine minutes they got more than nine minutes and they got a yay and we got a no,” said Vickie Bayless.  “That didn't settle with all of us so we just got up and we walked out.”

Residents met Thursday to regroup ahead of the next county commission meeting.

“In my opinion somebody is trying to make some money off us taxpayers,” said Judy Veins. “The person who own the property is trying to sell it to the county and county is going to do the dump fill and were going to pay for it not just without tax dollars we are going to pay with our beautiful landscape, animal’s lakes and river and right downtown because that's where it's traveling.”

Vines says she is concerned, not just for her home, but for anyone downstream.

The group against the landfill started a petition and has gathered roughly 2000 names of people who share their opinions to take to commissioners on October 18th