Remote Area medical will again bring their free medical clinics to the Tennessee Valley.

Camp Jordan in East Ridge will serve as the location for their visit on September 30 and October 1.

MAP LINK | Camp Jordan

Patients will be given numbers as admission tickets starting at 3:00am, with one ticket per patient. 

Clinic doors will open at 6:00am.             

Patients will be admitted in numerical order by ticket number, which is required for admission and services. 

The basic services can include:

  • DENTAL: Cleaning, fillings, extractions
  • VISION: Complete dilated eye exams, testing for glaucoma, testing for diabetic retinopathy, glasses made on site
  • MEDICAL: General medicine
  • PREVENTION: Breast exams, diabetes screening, physicals, women’s health 
  • EDUCATION: Educational resources and information are provided throughout service areas

Services are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. Due to time constraints, be prepared to choose between dental or vision services.

Patients are not required to bring anything with you. You won't be asked for proof of residency or proof of income. 

Bring all of the medications that you take every day, and take them as normal. 

RAM suggests  that because patients will likely wait outside of the site until the clinic begins, check weather conditions and prepare accordingly. 

Waits can be long, so it's usually a good idea to bring food, water, and entertainment such as books or games.