Hamilton County schools will soon get an image makeover.  A local public relations firm has offered to spearhead the project, and Ooltewah High students are pitching their ideas as well.  

Ooltewah marketing teacher Heather McIntyre contacted Superintendent Dr. Bryan Johnson and discussed an idea about bringing students on board to help re-brand Hamilton County Schools. He agreed and now the Advanced Marketing students are teaming up with The Johnson Group.

Using what the students have learned in class, they are collaborating with The Johnson Group to develop a brand new marketing campaign. Together they are doing everything from redesigning a logo to organizing public service and promotional events. This partnership allows the students to receive a one-of-a-kind dynamic learning experience and to tear up the playbook of traditional education and replace it with a more innovative approach to learning. Ms. McIntyre said her Advanced Marketing students are excited for this opportunity.

Johnson Group president Joe Johnson offered his staff’s services at no charge, to help the schools rebound after several years of bad publicity. The Ooltewah students are especially sensitive to image repair.  Their own school is still rebounding after a controversial rape incident involving basketball players in 2015.  As their school fights to regain its good name, they want to help the county as a whole.

Both the students and the pros believe the school system could do a better job of celebrating its successes, at a time when each setback seems to dominate the headlines.  By using their creativity and imagination, they hope this team effort prepares students for marketing careers, and helps turn around the image of Hamilton County schools.

The Johnson Group is reviewing its own ideas, as well as those of the Ooltewah marketing students, and you should be seeing the results of all this brainstorming in the weeks to come.