Tennessee Valley residents are doing their part to help Hurricane Irma victims.

A Florida woman said if it weren't for five local linemen she would still be without power two weeks after the storm.

She said Tennessee linemen helped her and her family during some of their hardest times.

"Everything was dark, and hot, and there was no power," Lynda Davey said of her Fort Lauderdale home. 

Davey and her family evacuated before Irma hit Fort Lauderdale. Once they returned home, the family was without power.             

But that all changed nice days later, when five important people showed up.

"I ran out and immediately and greeted them!” Davey recalled, “I was so happy!"

Davey greeted a group of 5 linemen, a crew from MPS power in Cleveland.

The crew went to Florida ahead of the storm and has been restoring power since, working 16 hour days.     

"We had some bad transformers, we had to set a few poles," explained foreman Jimmy Gill, “anything to get the power back on."

They turned the lights back on for Davey Monday night.

"I just felt like these guys deserve some recognition,” Davey said.

“It makes your heart warm,” Gill said in response, “That's more then we'd ever expect."

A good feeling that's helping the linemen continue their jobs.

They are still working to restore power, now in Homestead, FL, and will be gone for another few days.

So, Davey wants east Tennesseans to remember one thing, "I want the people of Chattanooga to know they have some hometown heroes that are saving the day for people here in Florida."