A Hixson business owner is concerned after he claimed vandals damaged his property multiple times in the last few weeks.

Owners at Rivermont Pure Service tell Channel 3 it's happened three times, they come into work to find car windows shattered.

"Every day you've got to come to work hoping there's no windows shot out," Charles Morrow said.

Morrow said he has pulled into work on three separate occasions to find his business, and auto repair shop, vandalized.

"The first car was right underneath the sign right here," Morrow said while walking around the lot.

He and his father own Rivermont Pure Service off of Hixson Pike.

In the last few weeks, he said someone has shot out the windows in multiple cars on their lot.

Police reports state the damage was likely caused by a pellet gun, but no property was stolen.

"It's just like they just shot the glass and then just left it there. Some of the glass fell in the car, but they didn't unlock them,” Morrow explained, “They didn't do nothing. Everything inside was just the way it was."

Morrow said he has covered the cost to fix the windows since the cars, belonging to customers, were parked on his property.

"So we had to buy two brand new windows for this car that she's trying to sell," he said, pointing out one of the vehicles that was vandalized.

Replacing the windows doesn't come cheap. Morrow said they have lost hundreds of dollars, a big hit for a small business.

"It doesn't sit nice,” Morrow said, “Especially knowing it could happen again."

Morrow filed police reports for each incident. However, with no cameras or suspect descriptions, police can't do much.

Morrow is parking cars as far away from the road as possible, hoping to prevent a fourth incident.

He just wants other business owners to be aware.

“Heads up,” Morrow exclaimed, “If you don't have cameras, maybe get cameras. Kind of take extra precaution."

The owners tell Channel 3 they are taking precautions to keep this from happening in the future including possibly putting up cameras.

Chattanooga police said officers are patrolling the area and looking for suspicious activity.

They ask anyone with information to call CPD at 423-698-2525.

If a suspect is identified, that person could face felony charges, jail time, and fines.

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