Amusement Products of Chattanooga has been manufacturing ‘fun’ on East Brainerd Road for nearly six decades.

"We're a manufacturer for what you'd call the family entertainment industry,” explained owner, Earl ‘Dutch’ Magrath. “We manufacture a whole range of products from go karts and bumper cars, to try and help generate different customers to a facility as well as generate more money for the facility."

Dutch is the second generation owner of the company. His father started Amusement Products 56 years ago based around the business of miniature golf.

"We had miniature golf courses that literally ran from Miami to southern California and I would fly with him in the summertime when I was out of school to visit,” recalled Magrath. “He'd spend two or three hours talking to the manager, going over the books or whatever. I'd spend the whole time playing the miniature golf. And a lot of the times my dad would go down the street to one of the competitors and talk to the owner and I'd play their miniature golf. And here I was at 6, 7, 8 years old critiquing the courses hole by hole to my dad about what worked and what didn't and what made it more interesting."

Advancements in video games and home computers for forced Magrath and his company to evolve with technology to stay relevant.

"With the innovative side you have to continually develop and advance and refine your product because there's always someone saying, ‘ohh that's neat’, I'm gonna do that too. So when they bring it the next year to compete with you, hopefully you've created something more exciting that'll say, ‘ok that's good but now we're here’. It's a lot of work but it's been very beneficial to the company."