UPDATE: A Bradley County man was brutally beaten while he was watering plants at his business, Crazy Art's Landscape Company, on September 17 and the suspects are still on the run.

Sixty-six-year-old Arthur Houts spent several days at Erlanger for serious injuries last week.

The beating happened at Houts' business which is also on the same property of his home. It’s a constant reminder of that night.

"All of the sudden I feel this pain in the back of my head and I went to my knees and then they just kept hitting me, I mean non-stop,” Houts recalled.

It's been nine days since Houts was attacked in his own greenhouse. He remembers the night like it was yesterday because he's still living with the emotional and physical pain the intruders left behind.

"I’ve got four broken ribs, I’ve got a cracked spine, a punctured lung, and staples in my head. I was a bloody mess,” Houts said.

Houts and his wife believe the suspects were after their medication; however, deputies have not confirmed those details.

"I think they were trying to kill me, I really do,” he said.

Houts company is his main source of income for his family. Due to the unexpected medical costs, Houts said business is on hold while he recovers and waits to find out why this happened.

"Miracles do happen, we had one happen here a while back and I believe in miracles, but I don't understand, I just don't get it,” Houts said.

Because his injuries were so severe, he's not sure how much longer he will stay in business. For now, his wife is helping him until he full recovers. 

PREVIOUS STORY: A Bradley County man is recovering after he was severely beaten right outside of his home and business. It happened on spring place road in Bradley County, his injuries were so bad he had to be treated in Chattanooga.

The victim was outside watering his nursery when the attack happened. His wife tells Channel 3 her husband’s injuries were so severe she could barely recognize him.

Crime tape lines each corner of their nursery business in Cleveland as deputies investigate a brutal attack over the weekend.  

"There was just pouring blood everywhere and I didn't know what to do and I started having panic attacks,” Janet explained.

"Janet," the victim’s wife did not want to be identified, her husband was attacked right outside their home.

"Deputies, when they responded were able to determine that he had been severely beaten with an object,” said James Bradford, Bradley County Communication Director.

Janet believes the suspects were trying to rob the couple.

"To take my husband out and steal my medication,” she said.

The sheriff’s office hasn't confirmed those details. They are still working on a timeline of events. Janet said her husband has at least a dozen wounds on his head and several broken bones.

"He asked me to come give him a kiss goodbye and she said don't come in he's got broken ribs, we have to go right now,” she described.

The Bradley Sheriff’s Office says the victim's injuries are severe, but not life threatening. Anyone with information should call authorities. 

ORIGINAL STORY: Bradley County sheriff's deputies are looking into why a man was severely beaten at a home on Spring Place Road on Sunday.

Spokesman James Bradford said the man was taken to Erlanger to be treated for his injuries.

Bradford said deputies are on scene trying to piece together what led to the incident.

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