There are nearly 50 more hurricane evacuees in Chattanooga now, but they aren't people.

The Humane Educational Society in Chattanooga took in another round of pets. The pets came in around 8:00 Saturday night.

HES received 20 cats and 29 dogs.

They came from a shelter in Naples, which had no water or electricity due to Hurricane Irma.

This is the third round of pets HES has taken in between hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Volunteers said it's as important to help pets during natural disasters as it is to help people.
We want to do our part in helping these animals first and foremost come to safety, and them find them forever homes," volunteer manager Jeanine Cloyd said, "We're just being as kind and gentle as we can with them."

Currently, volunteers are making sure all the pets have their shots, are healthy, and ready to go.

They will be available for adoption starting Tuesday. The adoption fees for the rest of the month are sponsored by PRAI Beauty's "Free the Shelters" campaign.