DAHLONEGA, GA. - A Friday afternoon traffic stop led to the dismantling of a multi-million-dollar north Georgia meth lab.

According to police, Angel Luis Rivera-Santiago and Victor Rafael Aponte were pulled over for an unspecified traffic stop in Dahlonega.

A subsequent investigation led to a search warrant. While police were searching the residence, another man, Valentine Duarte-Vejar, allegedly fled the scene but was captured and found to be possessing a gun.

Lumpkin County police and FBI agents said they also found a few grams of cocaine and $166,000.

Police said they continued following leads until they found a conversion lab in nearby Suches, which was allegedly being used to convert liquid methamphetamine to crystal meth. 

Police said they found a handgun and 15 kilos of crystal meth at the lab.  Agents processed about 300 pounds of environmental waste largely containing methamphetamine oil. 

Police said the lab was capable of producing between 25-50 kilograms of crystal meth, which had a street value of more than $3 million.

All five men are in the Lumpkin County jail facing drug charges. Police said their respective immigration statuses are still pending. 

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