Show me the numbers! Dr. John Christy, Professor and Director of Atmospheric Science from the University of Alabama Huntsville spoke to students on Friday afternoon about climate change, or the lack thereof. It's all become a political agenda according Christy.

Christy says, " It's a sad situation when someone brings observational data to an issue and the federal government does not consider it."

Christy and a number of scientists have taken their proof on the climate change subject to court. They argue, we're in an interglacial period, and numbers suggest we're cooler than previous years.

"There is evidence, that the little tilt of the earth, and the way it circles around the sun, they change on orders of every 30-40 thousand years. That seems to line up with long ice ages, and short warm periods," says Christy.

According to this theory-in the next 5 thousand years, we could be looking at the next ice age.

The March for Science in April earlier this year also had people heated. Some even shot at Christy's building upset about his views. But, he says science is numbers, and truth is in the numbers.

Biology major at UTC William Baker says the talk Friday was an eye opener, "We don't get a whole lot of independent studies, it's more big corporations, it's a lot of money driven things, and not so much morally driven-which we got today."

Christy says we're not there yet. He says renewable energy has to be subsidized and he questions if its worth the investment.