Some Cleveland residents are concerned a new road construction project will hit too close to home.

TDOT officials are in the process of widening State Route 60 to five lanes.

Right now, they are in the right-of-way phase where all properties needed for the widening are being acquired.

TDOT has been planning to widen State Route 60 for at least a decade now.

Channel 3 learned 118 properties will be impacted. Fourteen of those may have to relocate.

One woman says she is considering moving.

“I don’t want to sit and be all up in this mess,” Jena Corbett says. “If I have the option to leave I’m going to leave.”

Jena Corbett was one of many homeowners invited to a private TDOT meeting. They listened as right of way agents explained how and why their property would be used to widen State Route 60.

“The project has been around for several years now and with the new Improve Act that was passed by the governor and legislature, we were able to have the money to start this process,” says David Yates with TDOT.

The project will cost more than $14 million dollars. Crews will re-construct nearly three miles of the roadway.

Corbett says she received a letter a month ago, saying the city will soon claim part of her property.

It is why white stakes decorate Corbett's yard. They mark how wide State Route 60 will soon stretch.

“I'm not wanting the road next to my house, especially a road that they fly up-and-down,” Corbett says. “Whenever I hear screeching, I don't know when it's going to be another wreck.”

Corbett says heavy traffic is an issue. But, she says pushing the road closer to her home puts her family's safety at risk.  She says it is a hard decision whether to stay or move.

“I know some people that that's all they got and life changes you just got a roll with the punches,” says Corbett.

Construction is expected to start in February 2020.

Home and business owners do have the right to say no when it comes to selling property to the city.

If that happens, it will be handled in court, and the city could still be allowed to carry out construction through court orders.

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