Homeowners in one Bradley County neighborhood are taking matters into their own hands to protect their property.

This comes after they say thieves have broken into cars and stolen items from around their Ella Drive homes in recent years. 

Dwayne Hicks has installed lights, an alarm system and eight surveillance cameras around his property but he found out Tuesday he still fell victim to thieves. 

His cameras captured a man and woman walking down his driveway and peer into his cars around 3:15 Tuesday morning. 

The pair walked directly in front of the camera before another camera angle showed the man leave with Hicks' pressure washer. 

"I put in the cameras because I wanted to be able to protect what I have and to help neighbors in this neighborhood," Hicks said. 

Hicks serves as constable of the county's sixth district. 

He says neighbors have told him about similar things happening around their homes too leaving those who live along Ella Drive on edge, like Clyde Farmer. 

"If I see them, they won't leave my property, I'm just going to tell you that. Mr. Smith & Wesson will take care of them," Farmer said. 

The Bradley County Sheriff's Office tells Channel 3 an investigator is assigned to the pressure washer theft and says deputies are doing extra patrols in the area. 

But those who live here believe if deputies came through more often, it might help keep thieves away. 

"If you came through at least once or twice a week, or maybe twice a week at all hours don't you think that if you were a criminal that you would probably stay out of that neighborhood because you probably wouldn't know when they were coming," Hicks added. 

For now, neighbors along Ella Drive are keeping an eye out. Not only for themselves but for each other. 

"I'm locking my garage. Before, I never locked my garage. Everybody liked to use my tools and they'd use them. Now that I lock my garage, they come to the house and ask me because I've been missing stuff," Farmer said.

The best thing you can do in a situation like this, according to deputies, is keep your valuables out of plain sight and lock them up. 

If you recognize the people in the surveillance video, call the Bradley County Sheriff's Office.