Hurricane Irma is threatening much of Florida and parts of Georgia.

Florida's Governor put out the call this morning on the Today Show asking for hundreds of nurses to help.

A group of nurses from Tennessee answered that call. While most people are evacuating from Florida and heading north, some people are headed south right into the storm.

"We truly are the volunteer state," said Michelle Ramsey, who was preparing to hit the road.  

40 volunteers have loaded up their cars and headed out ahead of Irma.

“Our hearts are with the people in Florida,” Ramsey said, “We have a skill set we think can be of assistance."

The 40 volunteers are Tennessee Department of Public Health nurses. They will be assisting patients in Florida shelters.

"Whether it's dialysis, or getting meds that they may have lost, or helping them with their activities of daily living," explained Tammy Mansfield, who is also headed to Florida.

All the nurses volunteered to go, and they are all prepared to stay for two weeks.

"It's something we're prepared to do, and it's something that we want to do and are willing to do," Ramsey said.

For many of the volunteers it's not their first time heading into a storm, but they said it’s worth it.
"You can go home at the end of the day and know you helped someone," Mansfield said.

The teams of nurses plan to drive to Tallahassee, Saturday night.

They will stay there until it's safe to be dispatched to various shelters.