A longtime Chattanooga judge now living in Puerto Rico posted a message on Facebook to let all of her friends know she survived Hurricane Irma and said “our cats are fine too.”

Rebecca Stern moved to Puerto Rico two years ago after she retired.

Stern spoke to Channel 3 by phone Thursday morning several hours after the worst of the storm had passed.

She said she rode out the storm in a hotel in Ponce, the southwest part of the island, after there was a mandatory evacuation of the building she lives in.

Stern said they hoped that part of the island would be safer.

The retired judge told Channel 3 she expected Hurricane Irma to be “a lot more frightening than it was.”

“We could see trees bending over and the wind blowing but I couldn’t even hear anything. My cats didn’t even seem to notice it,” said Stern.

Stern said the condo she owns in the northeast part of Puerto Rico was not damaged but she doesn’t know about the condition of her apartment in Luquillo yet.  

She described the chaos leading up to the storm including long lines at grocery stores, empty store shelves and gas stations running out of fuel.

Stern told her Facebook friends, “We feel very lucky to have survived the biggest hurricane in Atlantic history!”