Crews from Chattanooga are gearing up to help Hurricane Irma victims. 

At McKamey Animal Center, officers are lending a helping hand to shelters on the East Coast, directly in the storms path. 

Staff worked throughout the night to process the 30 dogs and cats received ahead of Hurricane Irma. 

The need is so great, they will make an other 22 hour round trip for another group of animals Thursday night. 

Donations arrive by the truck load to help feed the hundreds of dogs and cats transported from areas already impacted by hurricanes or bracing for the next hit. 

They help animals like Dolly, who arrived at McKamey late Wednesday from a shelter in south Georgia. 

She had a litter of kittens earlier this week. 

Moving animals like Dolly out of Irma's path help keep them safe and free up room for rescues. 

Executive Director Jamie McAloon said it's better to move animals before a storm compared to after. 

"I don't think anyone knew what Harvey was going to do, really to the extent it was. And to come that far inland too but they are not taking it lightly in Florida or in Georgia right now. They are getting those animals out. Which is so much easier to take care of those animals when you get them out before the floods than after," she added. 

Each of the animals brought in undergo a series of veterinary care steps to make sure they are healthy and ready to be adopted. 

McAloon said the center is able to take in more animals thanks to help from volunteers fostering and adopting dogs and cats which create more room in return. 

Foster homes are still desperately needed as more animals are brought in. 

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