Since last Friday students at Dayton City School, known as DCS, have been collecting donations to help students in Dayton, Texas, an area hit hard by Hurricane Harvey's floods. The town is about 40 miles northeast of Houston.

Trish Newsom, Pre-K through third grade principal, found out about the Texas school on a Facebook page.

"So we thought that would help the kids have something to connect with since it's the same city [name]," says Newsom.

Art work done by the students decorates the school's entrance and helps them visualize how high the water was in Texas.

Through word of mouth and social media, several people and local businesses have given money. Also, the children have been emptying their own piggy banks to help.

"I had one little girl stop me in the hall and say I gave all of my allowance," recalls Newsom. "With my sister we combined it and it was worth $80."

She says the students are learning a life lesson about building relationships and helping others.

"Their families were in trouble and we had money and we decided to help them," says eight-grader Sohan Patel whose family owns a local business and made a substantial donation.

Geoff McCracken, principal of Dayton High School, was nearly speechless when he heard what the DCS kids had been doing.

"It just filled my heart with joy to find out that another school in another Dayton was reaching out to us," says McCracken.

His school wasn't damaged badly, but many of his students' families lost possessions and some lost their homes. The money mostly will go toward clothing, school supplies, and backpacks.

"The kindness that they have bestowed upon us, we'll be forever grateful to Dayton City School," adds McCracken.

So far DCS students have raised more than $8,400. If you'd like to help, they're accepting cash or check donations at the school through Friday, September 8.