When it comes to Apple announcements of new devices there's one thing we know: there's nothing official until Apple CEO Tim Cook talks about it. Apple has a history of keeping the lid on any announcements but over the past few years there have been 'leaks' which prove to be true when it comes to new iPhones. That appears to be the case with the long awaited iPhone 8 due to be introduced September 12th.

Many of the 'leaks' come from hush-hush talk between Apple employees. Some (many in fact) come from Chinese companies that build many of the parts that go into new devices and some rumors can be found while browsing cellphone cases built by other Chinese companies that get leaks from parts suppliers.

What will the new iPhone be called? How big will it be? How much will it cost? How is it different than the last iPhone? These are the questions every iPhone user wants to know in advance of the official announcement. While the internet is flooded with rumors, some are more likely than others to prove true. I've rounded up a slew of rumors that I think are probable in the next iPhone. Ready?

  • There will be 3 iPhones announced September 12th: two the size of the iPhone 7 and 7-plus and a larger iPhone 8.
  • The name of the phones are still unknown. Many reports are that the smaller phones will be the 7s and 7s-plus.
  • Maybe Apple calls the larger phone (or all three) the iPhone 8 but there's a good chance it'll be named the iPhone 10 or X in celebration of the 10th anniversary of the iPhone.
  • The phones will have a very small bezel as the screen will take over the entire face of the phone.
  • That means no home button. This has been reported by multiple sources.
  • With no physical home button the new iPhones will borrow from most Android phones which replace a button with a virtual home button built into the screen.
  • With no physical home button to unlock the phone you might place a finger on the screen but code identified in a leaked iOS 11 update reveals the phone may use facial recognition to unlock. (smile)
  • A Touch ID may likely be located on the back of the phone.
  • By eliminating the physical button and the earphone jack which disappeared with the iPhone 7, Apple may have found a way to make the phone waterproof which would also require the elimination of a charging port.
  • Multiple reports suggest the new iPhone will have wireless charging similar to that in the Apple Watch where the device only needs to be placed on a charging pad.
  • Several reports reveal the new iPhones will come in only 3 colors: black, silver and a copper color just a bit darker than the current gold color.
  • An Apple analyst who has successfully predicted many new features in previous iPhones says the next versions will be much more expensive, starting at $999.