The benefits of volunteering are countless. 

To top the list are- social, emotional, physical, and professional perks.

Revathi Truong is the manager at Mercy Volunteers and Community Health and she says, "There is definitely a lower depression rate, you are very socially engaged with lots of people in the community. There's obviously a feeling of accomplishment- you're learning new skill sets, you're giving back to the community, you're just staying an active member of society."

Volunteering especially helps senior citizens for this reason, because they are at a higher risk for depression.

Those who are hesitant about volunteering- you're not alone.

Many people may be anxious about working in a hospital, but Mercy Medical Center is there to help.

"We just work individually with each person, and try to work through those concerns they have, and they're going to do great," said Truong. "We have lots of different people here with lots of different capabilities, and they're all amazing, we just love them".

You can change your life and the lives of others when you take the time to volunteer. 

Don't overlook the benefits of volunteering!