The UTC women's basketball team had their season opener at Ole Miss, senior Lauren Greenspoon is from Houston and she was hoping to see her parents in the crowd but hurricane Harvey prevented that from happening.

Lauren's parents live north of downtown. 
Their home was spared from any flooding but it was heartbreaking for Lauren to watch from Chattanooga the catastrophe unfolding in her hometown.
Though her parents couldn't make it to her game, she's thankful they are okay.

Lauren Greenspoon, UTC student, "I think it was Sunday or Monday, I hadn't heard from her in the morning so then i just got a little nervous. I knew it had hit bad, so I just wanted to make sure that they were good." 

Mike Greenspoon, Lauren's dad, live in Houston, "This will be the end of her college eligibility this year so we want to watch as many games as we can do it was a little disappointing but doesn't compare to what others are going through."