Many people living where Hurricane Harvey hit the hardest do not have flood insurance and that’s sparked a conversation everywhere about who should have it.

It’s estimated that 80% of storm victims in Texas don’t have flood insurance which means they’ll have to rely on friends, family and some help from FEMA but for the most part, flood victims will have to pay to fix their homes. 

“It can be financially devastating. Even just a few hours of flood water can recede pretty quickly and can ruin a home,” said State Farm Agent Hank DeHart. 

Many people are now asking their insurance agents if they should consider investing in flood insurance even if their home is not located in a flood zone.

“Unfortunately, flood insurance is one of those things a lot of people don't have because the bank doesn't tell them they have to buy it if they're not in a specific flood zone,” said DeHart.

Many people think it won’t happen to them because they’re in a low-risk area of that their homeowner’s insurance will cover it if it does happen but a typical homeowner’s policy doesn’t cover flood damage at all. 

DeHart says people also need to be aware that you can’t buy flood insurance last minute because there is a waiting period to get policies issued.

“Unfortunately, you can't wait until the floodwaters are coming and you see water in your front yard and call and take out a policy real quickly. It takes 30 days before that policy goes into effect,” DeHart told Channel 3. 

Several different factors go into figuring out how much you’ll have to pay for flood insurance. Elevation, location and the value of your home are all considered. 

DeHart says anyone living in the Tennessee Valley area who is considering buying a flood insurance policy should probably consider this. “We live in the Tennessee River Valley so those two words imply that flooding is certainly possible here.”

DeHart suggests talking to your insurance agent who can advise you on coverage.