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UPDATE: Neighbors help one another with cleanup of storm damage

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Storm damage on Booneville Circle. Storm damage on Booneville Circle.

UPDATE: Neighbors said it was around 9:00 p.m. Thursday when they thought they heard thunder, it was actually a large tree that crashed into their neighbors home. They're thankful no one was injured.

“It lasted just a few seconds. It did not last long. It was calm and then all of a sudden, bam. Then gone,” said one Lookout Valley neighbor.

But within those few seconds, heavy winds damaged homes in the neighborhood. “My roof got some damage, shutters got blown off. The lawn furniture in the back, furniture on the front porch.”

The Brandon family home got hit the hardest. The tree once standing tall in their front yard, is now crashed into the front of their house. “No damage in the house. The awning, the porch is destroyed on the outside, guttering. We don't know about the damage on the roof as of yet. We contacted the insurance and waiting on all of that,” said Mark Brandon.

While they wait for crews to arrive, neighbors depend on each other to get things cleaned up.

“We brought the ladder for them to use. That is what neighbors do. We help each other out in the little old valley,” said the neighbor.

The Brandon family said its more of an inconvenience. But an inconvenience that could have caused serious damage. “It could have been a lot worse. Everyone is fine. It shook them up a little bit but we are thankful the lord protected them.”

This isn't the first time a branch from the tree fell on their home. The homeowners said they plan to remove the tree.

PREVIOUS STORY: Remnants of Harvey hit the Tennessee Valley Thursday night and early Friday morning, leaving trees with broken branches.

In some areas, power outages have been reported and some power outages.

Lookout Valley's Booneville Circle have several trees that sustained damage, and in one case, a large branch landed on a house.

Crews are out cleaning up the mess.

In Grundy County, power lines were blown down, and landed across Interstate 24, closing the road until crews and safely remove them.

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