UPDATE: Chattanooga's Humane Educational Society is now housing a group of animals displaced by Hurricane Harvey.

HES Executive Director Bob Citrullo said they received around two dozen dogs on Sunday. Their shelters were flooded in Texas by the storm.

They were being held in Tulsa, Oklahoma until they could be picked up by the Humane Society of the United States.

HES set up a temporary shelter directly behind their building. Citrullo said it can hold up to 100 cats and dogs.

"My goal is to just run this temporary shelter as long as need be. Keep the animals coming in and we'll work to get them out as soon as possible," Citrullo said.

Citrullo said some of the animals could be adopted as soon as Tuesday.

On Saturday, volunteers with the organization drove to Texas to pick up another set of animals. They're expected to arrive back in Chattanooga on Thursday.

UPDATE: Volunteers with Chattanooga's Humane Educational Society will soon head to Texas.

They'll pick up the first batch of dogs from the areas hit by Hurricane Harvey. They are preparing to receive up to 100 animals.

HES volunteers and staff members set up two tents they picked up from the National Guard on Thursday.

They placed several crates inside the tents, but they'll need more to make room for dozens of homeless dogs and cats. Their shelters were flooded by Hurricane Harvey.

"We're going to need a lot of hands to make this a successful event," Jeanine Cloyd, the volunteer manager with HES said.

Cloyd is looking for extra volunteers and foster families as the shelter prepares to take in more animals. They're already caring for around 500 dogs and cats.

"This is a terrible situation for all of the animals down south. We want to help as much as we can," Cloyd said.

Cloyd said the animals that are on their way from San Antonio, Texas will be vaccinated, treated for fleas, and tested for heartworms once they get there. They'll also check to make sure the cats and dogs do not belong to anyone.

Officials said most animal shelters are full around this time of the year and HES is no exception.

"It's a tall challenge. It really is, but we think we can do it. We have an amazing volunteer crew. We have an amazing staff and very caring. They will come out in force," Cloyd said.

That's why the animals are staying by the old community service center directly behind HES. The goal is for all of them to be adopted.

It's unclear when the animals will arrive, but HES staff members said they'll be ready by Saturday. They plan to train new volunteers this weekend.

HES is asking for the community's help.

They need items like dry dog and cat food, water bowls, crates, and blankets. 

The Humane Educational Society of Chattanooga is also helping animals in need after Hurricane Harvey.

The National Guard will provide tents and lights to serve as a temporary shelter for 100 dogs and cats that are displaced because of flood waters. 

HES volunteers will be deployed to San Antonio, Texas to pick up the first 25 dogs. The rest will be brought from Houston to Chattanooga by the Humane Society of the United States. 

HES is asking for donations of dry dog and cat food, water bowls, blankets, towels, and newspapers.