LOUDON, TN (WBIR) - People are not the only ones going to Texas to help. 

An East Tennessee comfort dog will soon head to the hardest hit areas of the region to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey begin to recover.

Jewel usually spends her days visiting nursing homes in Loudon. On Friday, she will depart for Austin, Texas, where she will be stationed at evacuation centers and shelters. 

"Jewell just makes herself available to provide comfort, to be petted, she's just a really calming influence on a lot of people," said her owner Steven Schoenherr. "We've seen people break down who you would not think would break down emotionally."

Jewell works to comfort people in any way she can. She wears a jacket asking people to pet her and intends to bring a smile to the faces of those who have lost so much. 

"You walk into a room with that dog, and immediately it brings a smile to their face. It's just a beautiful thing to see," said Judy Schoenherr. "They may just cry and hug on the dogs and love them. It brings comfort."

This will be Jewel's seventh deployment to places where tragedy has struck. She was in Orlando two times after the Pulse Nightclub shooting, in Baton Rouge two times, in Chattanooga after a deadly school bus crash and in Gatlinburg after the wildfires. 

Jewel works with Christ Our Savior Lutheran Church in Loudon and is a part of the Lutheran Church Charities Comfort Dog Ministry.

"We are in a position to give, to bring comfort, and hope, and encouragement, especially to the people that have lost everything," Judy Schoenherr said. "We're there to listen and just offer hope."

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