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Dalton hospital implants world's smallest pacemaker

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Dr. Rajiv Verma, Dalton Cardiologist says, "We're the first one in this area north of Atlanta to implement this technology."

Dr. Rajiv Verma, a cardiologist in Dalton, Georgia, is talking about, the Micra, the world's smallest pacemaker. He performed the first procedure in our area at Hamilton Medical Center.

The Micra is almost 93% smaller than the traditional pacemaker.

Dr. Verma says,  "Which is a quantum leap over the previous pacemaker technology. It's very reliable, less discomfort to the patient."

Dr. Verma explains how the procedure works.  

He says, "We go through the groin, we make small hole, pass the catheter through the hole and deliver the pacemaker right inside the heart."

Dr. Verma says there is just a small hole that heals without stitches, and this procedure doesn't leave a scar, so no one will know you have a pacemaker.

For patients, access to this cutting edge technology has a lot of benefits, including a shorter recovery time.

Dr. Verma says his first patient is doing very well.

Dr. Verma says, "It went very well, patient felt better, patient was passing out frequently has not had a single passout since we put in the pacemaker."

Click here for more information from Hamilton Medical Center.

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