Students who need help with school can turn to their smartphones for homework help. Many of those apps do nothing more than give the answers, but one app "Helpster" is for students who really want to learn a subject.

Helpster matches students with tutors around the country in live video chats. A student can request a tutor in a certain subject such as biology, algebra or chemistry and when a tutor is available (the company says it usually takes only a few seconds) the student and tutor can discuss the subject or problem just as they would if they were sitting in the same room.

Helpster has tutors enlisted to help students in elementary, middle, high school and college.

The student pays roughly 32-cents per minute for a tutoring session which rounds out to about $20/hr. On par or less than what you might pay someone to tutor in their own home. Helpster keeps 25% of the revenue.

Right now Helpster is in need of more tutors and is accepting applications online. Prospective tutors will fill out information on their educational background and accept the company's terms of service. If approved the tutor can accept any session requests he or she would like to accept. They're not obligated to work certain hours.

Tutors can take sessions at their convenience. It's sort of like Uber for tutors.

Helpster says on its website that tutors can earn up to $2,500 per month helping students and the company is currently looking for tutors for all subjects.