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Fleischmann addresses Arizona Trump rally, Afghanistan plan, Charlottesville

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Wednesday, Congressman Chuck Fleischmann spoke to Channel 3 about multiple issues and events happening around the nation.

At a rally in Phoenix, Arizona Tuesday night, President Trump addressed a crowd of people, one topic of conversation was the media.

The President accused the press of misrepresenting statements he's made.

Congressman Fleischmann weighed in on those comments saying every elected official has to develop a personal relationship with the media. 

Channel 3 asked if that relationship with the media is something the president needs to work on, and Fleischmann said the President has his own unique style that worked to get him elected.

The Congressman also wants to remind the public of how many media outlets the presidents deals with.

"He has several thousand," urged Fleischmann, "So, I'm going to let him make those important decisions and the administration, Vice President Trump, I'm sorry, Vice President Pence, and President Trump working together to try to get the administrations message out."

Just 24 hours before the Arizona rally, on Monday, the President addressed the nation outlining his plan moving forward in the nation's longest war.

That plan included a promise from the President to crack down on Afghanistan's neighbor, Pakistan, in fighting terrorism.

The Congressman said he strongly supports the President's plan.

He sent out his first statement Tuesday morning following the announcement supporting the President:

"Last night, the President presented a thoughtful course of action that showed he is tackling the challenges of our nation head on. President Trump's regional approach is a welcome change from the sporadic policy implemented by the previous administration. The President's plan, carefully constructed in consultation with top military leaders, is an initial step in providing vigilant direction to our men and women overseas. It is imperative that we foster positive relations with Afghanistan, and work in unison with the Afghan troops to assure that the Taliban never regains the slightest momentum in the ascent to power. I will continue to monitor this situation intently to make certain that the role of the United States in Afghanistan is one with realistic, achievable goals."

Fleischmann said he commends the President for listening to top military leaders advising him.

"Going forward, I'm going to continue to monitor that. I want to make sure that when we put America's finest in harms way they have the best funding, the best ammunition, the best training," Fleischmann urged, "So that our casualties are at a minimum."

We asked if Fleischmann supports the President's plan to no longer help develop communities in Afghanistan, only fight terrorism.

He said in a statement,

"I support the President's strategy where U.S. military's primary mission is direct action against terrorists that seek to destabilize Afghanistan like they have in Iraq and Syria."

Fleischmann also spoke about the protests in Charlottesville.

He said the country was already divided and in crisis, and went on to call the events in Charlottesville heartbreaking.

The congressman said he continues to work with city leaders to bring Chattanooga together.

He said he values Chattanooga's diversity and hopes the City can be a positive model for the nation.

"I look forward to a better time in America where we come together, that great melting pot that we are, put our differences aside, focus on our common ground, and move forward together," urged Fleischmann.

When asked if he felt the president denounced the actions taken in Charlottesville fast enough, he said it's crucial to wait and get all the facts before making a statement.

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