The Whitfield County Sheriff’s Office is alerting the public of fraudulent calls circulating in our area involving citizens being informed they have to pay a fine for missing Jury Duty.

The Sheriff’s Office has received reports that citizens are being contacted via telephone by a subject representing himself as a member of the Sheriff’s Office.

This person is informing the citizens that a warrant has been issued for them for failing to report to Jury Duty. One of the telephone numbers being used in this scam is 706-250-9798. Citizens are being instructed to go to a local store and get a “Green Money Card” for $480 and call them back to provide them with the number of the card to avoid arrest.

Please to be alert to a scam of this nature. The Sheriff’s Office or Court system would never tell a citizen to purchase a green card. This same type scam has occurred in the past and Investigators were able to trace the calls to a Georgia prison where a cell telephone had been smuggled in to some inmates.

If you receive a call like this please report it to your local law enforcement agency.