UPDATE: Many places are sold out of eclipse glasses in the Tennessee Valley.    

However, a few still have them or are getting last-minute shipments:

  • Hardee's between Lenoir City and Bradley County are giving out glasses starting Saturday with the purchase of a meal.
  • Salvation Army 
    • Chatsworth and Calhoun
  • Cleveland Liquidators, 154 Buchanan Road SE, Cleveland, TN
    • A new shipment available Monday at 7:00 a.m.; call 423-790-1399 for more info
  • All Goodwill locations in the Tennessee Valley will be handing out 200 eclipse glasses each on Monday.
  • STIR restaurant, 1444 Market Street, Chattanooga, TN
    • They are giving out eclipse glasses with the purchase of a lunch entree on Monday.
  • Rock City will have eclipse glasses on Monday while supplies last.
  • Sweetwater Western Store, 321 TN-68, Sweetwater, TN 37874

The following places are sold out:

  • Tasty Donuts, 1414 Jenkins Road, Chattanooga, TN
  • All Elder's Ace Hardware locations
  • Public library locations in Hamilton County
  • Bass Pro Shop, 1000 Bass Pro Drive, Chattanooga, TN
  • All Walmart locations in the Tennessee Valley
  • World Sales, 6400 E Brainerd Road, Chattanooga, TN  
  • Forbidden City Restaurant, 2273 Gunbarrel Road, Chattanooga, TN

Remember to call before you go because they might be sold out before you get there.

Know of a business that still has them? Let us know on Facebook!

Stay with WRCBtv.com as we update this list throughout the weekend.

The solar eclipse is less than a week away, and folks in Chattanooga are making sure they're ready.

However, if you haven't found your eclipse glasses just yet, snagging a pair may not be as easy as you thought.

Phone call after phone call businesses in the Chattanooga area told Channel 3 they are sold out of solar eclipse glasses. But there are still a few places around town that can help if you're still looking.

"So, today we are just on the hunt for some solar eclipse glasses," Sarah Dolmovich said as she and her friends were checking out stores in hopes of finding glasses.

Finding them isn't so easy though.

"I thought they'd be everywhere but they ain't," said Danny Rogers, who was also looking for glasses.

Signs are taped to store fronts, warning potential customers they are sold out of the eclipse glasses. 

"We're just hoping to find some glasses so that we can get the full affect of the solar eclipse," Dolmovich urged.

Wile the glasses may be rare to come by-- it's not impossible to find them.

All kinds of businesses are gearing up for the historic event. Including one local jewelry store that added a few to its inventory.

"Every single person has expressed the frustration with not being able to find them anywhere," said Brandon Anthony, owner of Chattanooga Jewelry Company.

Chattanooga Jewelry Company ordered a few hundred pairs, as of Tuesday they have fewer than 100 left.  

"We've got people calling now and asking do we still have them, can we hold them for us," Anthony explained, "So, I don't expect that we'll have any tomorrow!"

"People are finally realizing hey, this may be a once in a life time opportunity and that you really need these glasses to like safely watch," Dolmovich said.

If you are still looking for glasses:    

  •  Chattanooga's public libraries will give out 100 pairs of glasses at each of its 4 locations Friday starting at 9 am.
  •  Goodwill will give out 200 pairs of glasses at each of its Chattanooga, Cleveland, Dayton, and Athens locations the day of the eclipse.
  •  Hardee's between Lenoir City and Bradley County are giving out glasses starting Saturday with the purchase of a meal.

Some cities and organizations will also be giving out glasses at viewing parties, but they are extremely limited.

However, organizers do not recommend waiting until the day off to get a pair of eclipse glasses.

As for now, "We're just searching around Chattanooga for some that we can pick up for free. If not, we'll probably have to resort to Amazon,"said Dolmovich.

Resorting to Amazon is not a bad idea if you are unable to snag a pair of the glasses in town,  just make sure they are a certified brand.

For a list of approved brands click here.