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Dalton 2nd graders excited for Solar Eclipse

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While some schools are closing for next week's historic solar eclipse, students in Dalton will have a longer school day to witness the event together. 

A Cleveland business owner donated 9,000 safety glasses, to protect students, who are learning why it's important to wear them.

Inside Lisa Nix's 2nd grade classroom, students are learning about the upcoming solar eclipse and how it works. 

"The moon orbits around the earth," said 7-year-old Madison. "It takes 12 months to get the earth all the way around the sun, so it would take a whole year." 

Students Madison and Devean say they're excited to see the eclipse with all of their friends. 

"The only thing that orbits is the moon and the earth because if the sun orbits, that means no where, like it would never be dark again," said 7-year-old Devean. 

In Dalton, 99.1 percent of the sun will be covered by the moon.

City Park Elementary will stay after school for an extra 30 minutes to see the sky go dark.

Officials say the students will head outside to the playground for viewing around 2:15 p.m. and stay there until about 2:30 p.m. 

"We just started talking about it, showing pictures, explaining how the eclipse works," said second grade teacher Lisa Nix, City Park Elementary. "They're excited about the special glasses and so they're ready to try them on." 

School officials say learning how to wear the safety glasses and keep them on is a top priority. 

"Absolutely we need to make sure that they know how to put them on, it will depend on the students and the grade level you know each individual teacher will be looking at the needs of the child," said Lisa Hackney, Director of School Support, Dalton City Schools. " You know do I need to place them on their faces or can they put them on themselves and I check, so we're doing drills and to the details at the classroom level."

Students will see solar eclipse activities and practice drills each day to get prepared.

 "We're having a faculty meeting today that's going to really ramp everything up and talk about how we're going to utilize the glasses and we're going to go to the playground and view everything," said Principal Jason Brock, City Park Elementary. " We're all really excited." 

The kids say they're ready for a spectacular show. 

 "The solar eclipse is when the moon gets in between the earth and the sun," said Madison. " It's going to be pitch black outside." 

Parents are invited to the City Park Elementary viewing party but they'll have to bring their own safety glasses. 

Officials say kids whose parents have opted out for safety concerns, can view a live stream of the partial eclipse in the school's auditorium. 

There will also be a Family Fun night including planet discussions at the school Monday from 5 -7 pm. 

If you have questions of concerns about the glasses your school is using or plans in place, you are encouraged to call your child's school before the big day. 

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