Some already have their special glasses for next week's total solar eclipse but if you got yours off Amazon, you might want to check your e-mail because they might not be safe. 

Ladarion Simpson says he bought total solar eclipse glasses from Amazon a couple weeks ago. 

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"I bought them from Amazon for a pack of 10 for $5. I thought it was a great deal," he said. 

Simpson thought they were safe to wear during next week's total solar eclipse because the order title stated the glasses were ISO certified. 

Now he has to throw them out after getting an e-mail from Amazon

"The glasses that you ordered are not qualified to look at the sun during the eclipse and please throw them away and we'll refund you and we'll give you a balance from Amazon," he added. 

Channel 3 confirmed Amazon did send the e-mails to customers who ordered from suppliers that Amazon had not received confirmation they were sourced from a recommended manufacturer. 

The e-mail states not to use the glasses to view the sun or the eclipse. 

Cindy Henderson, President of Eyear Optical, says someone's eyes can be seriously damaged if not protected properly. 

"They can actually damage the retina of the eye, burn the retina of the eye. It can do permanent damage, it can lead to blindness. It's a big deal," she said. 

You can make sure your glasses are safe. 

First, check your e-mail if you ordered your glasses off Amazon. 

Also, check your glasses for an ISO number. 

"ISO 12312-2 is an international safety code. They have to have that," Henderson added. 

You also want to make sure your glasses were made from a manufacturer recommended by NASA.

Click HERE to see a complete list of manufacturers and retailers. 

Amazon shared the following statement with Channel 3 Monday afternoon:

"Out of an abundance of caution and in the interests of our customers, we asked third-party sellers that were offering solar eclipse glasses to provide documentation to verify their products were compliant with relevant safety standards. The offers from sellers who provided this safety documentation remain available to customers. The listings from sellers who did not provide the appropriate documentation have been removed and customers who purchased from them were notified last week. Customers can contact Amazon customer service with any questions or concerns."