UPDATE: New details are being released about what led to a police chase involving a U-Haul on I-75 in Chattanooga.

Officers arrested David Jolley on Sunday 20 miles later between Volkswagen Drive and the Ooltewah exit. He faces several charges including attempted first degree murder.

An officer said he saw the man sniffing from a can used to clean electronics in the parking lot of the Signal Mountain Road Walmart.

When the officer went to check on the man, police said he tried to run over the officer. That launched a police chase.

TDOT video showed where a low-speed chase involving a U-Haul ended on I-75. Hundreds of people drove by Sunday wondering what happened.

"At first, my thought was well maybe he was speeding. Then I was like well U-Haul's can't really speed," Jennifer Hulgan from Cleveland said.

Hulgan was on her way home when she passed it.

Hamilton County court records show 45-year-old David Jolley led police on a 21 minute chase. Police said it started in a Walmart parking lot on Signal Mountain Road.

"You don't expect to see stuff like this that close to where you live. To see it on my way home and then read about it in the news after I got home, it was quite a shock," Hulgan said.

At Walmart, investigators said Jolley was sitting in a U-Haul possibly intoxicated.

Court documents reveal an officer tried to get him out of the vehicle, but he refused. Police said Jolley tried to hit the officer three times before driving onto the interstate.

"It's sad to say. I don't expect much less from society today. It's just crazy. It's a crazy world we live in. I pray for the officers," Hulgan said.

Hulgan is thankful no one was hurt during the chase and that an arrest was made.

"The U-Haul is a big vehicle and 75 is a busy interstate. There's always accidents on 75 and so I'm really surprised there were no other accidents," Hulgan said.

Jolley could not be reached for comment. He's expected to be in court on Friday.

Records show he's faced a slew of speeding charges in Hamilton County in the past. 

UPDATE: Channel 3 has now learned the name of the suspect arrested.

David Jolley, 45, was arrested on multiple counts. 

Jolley was arrested on attempted first degree murder charges, aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, evading arrest, failure to yield to emergency vehicle, failure to render aid, leaving scene of accident with damage to vehicle, reckless driving, driving under the influence, driving on revoked, suspended or canceled license and drivers to exercise due care.

Upon the officer approaching Jolley, the officer could see Jolley "sniffing" from a can of duster, or compressed air. The report states three separate counts that Jolley attempted to strike the officer with his vehicle.

PREVIOUS STORY: Chattanooga Police Officers have arrested a suspect following a chase on I-75.

Officers with the Chattanooga PD were involved in a pursuit with a U-Haul which was being driven by a possibly intoxicated individual. 

The driver of the U-Haul struck a parked vehicle in the Signal Mountain Walmart and then attempted to run over an officer who was checking on his well-being. 

The CPD pursued the vehicle at slow speeds on the interstate. 

The pursuit ended on I-75 between Volkswagen Drive and Lee Hwy.

The driver was arrested and charges of Aggravated Assault, DUI and Felony Evasion from Police are being considered.

CPD does not have a suspect's name at this time.