A local woman wants answers after her home was broken into. 

It happened in East Chattanooga near Stephens Street. 

Priscilla Pope says her home was first targeted on June 2. That's when she says her house was ransacked. She invested in a security system since then, but she says she still fears for her life. 

"I'm afraid they'll do it again or if I'm here at night I don't rest good at night it changes your life; absolutely changes your life," said Pope. 

She's lived in her family's East Chattanooga home for nearly 30 years, but never felt targeted the home burglary.

Pope called 911 after someone broke in, leaving behind shattered glass and broken pieces of wood. 

"I already had bars on the windows and doors because my children were afraid for me to live here you know all alone and so we installed of those and that  didn't stop the guy," said Pope. "I walked into that room and saw all my clothes strung out everywhere, my bed was ransacked, my jewelry was scattered all over the bed and half of it missing."

Chattanooga police say they have not identified any suspects. 

Meanwhile, Pope set up surveillance cameras. It's how she caught another person snooping around her home last week. 

"I was watching TV and when the alarm went off. I looked on the camera and like I said I thought it was my son out there and I couldn't understand why he was here that late at night," said Pope. 

The video shows a man walking around her home, before grabbing a garbage can. He eventually noticed a camera and tries to snatch it. Pope once again called 911. 

Police say they have received suspicious person calls in the area before, but they say there haven't been any other reported break-ins near pope's home recently.

But Pope says she knows of other neighbors who claim they've had similar problems. 

"I'll always be afraid from now on I don't care where I'm at. I plan on getting a monitor burglar alarms and whatever it takes and I'm going to get things to defend myself," said Pope. "Somethings got a change here in Chattanooga they got to start investigating more. They got to start doing something." 

Police tell Channel 3, Pope's home is placed on a watch list. We're told it alerts all officers who work in the area to be aware and keep an eye out for an extended period of time or as their call load allows.