Cars were met with standing water on East Brainerd Road during Friday morning's commute. 

Some turned around, but others chose to ignore road closed signs and drive through. 

A big risk according to rescuers. 

"When you choose to drive around barricades then you are taking your life into your own hands, you're risking your own life, the lives of anyone that's in that car and then the lives of the rescuers at risk as well," Bruce Garner with the Chattanooga Fire Department said. 

Garner said people often underestimate the power of water, especially in a vehicle. 

A white BMW is an example. It became stuck in flooded water near Jenkins Road. 

The driver was able to get out okay. 

But Garner said the situation should serve as a reminder-- It doesn't take much water before it comes a dangerous situation. 

"About a foot is enough to pick up a small car and push it off the road into a ditch and more than a foot, 18 inches, 24 inches will take an SUV. And then you're really in trouble," he added. 

Driving through flooded water or around barricades could result in a citation for reckless driving and a fine but police say a fine is nothing compared to the alternative. 

If someone is cited for reckless driving, it could result in up to six points on your license which is halfway to your license being suspended in Tennessee. 

UPDATE: East Brainerd Road at Jenkins Road has reopened for traffic.

Drivers are still urged to watch out for standing water across the roadways while traveling.

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In Chattanooga, there is water across East Brainerd Road at Jenkins Road. East Brainerd Road is shut down at this intersection as of 4 a.m. 

At Lee Highway at Silverdale Road, you'll want to watch out for standing water across the road.

The spots along your commute you usually see flood may have water across them today.

Do not attempt to drive across standing water.