Volkswagen graduated its sixth class from the Automation Mechatronics Program, the third class from the Car Mechatronics Program, the second class from the Engineering Specialist Program, and the first class from the 2+2 Manufacturing and Engineering Technology (MET) Program.

Tuesday, the graduates posed for a celebratory group photo at the Chattanooga facility.

“We are all very proud of the accomplishments of our graduates and are excited to have them join our team here in the factory,” said Antonio Pinto, President and CEO of Volkswagen Chattanooga. “The value of a quality education is immeasurable, and I am confident that the education our graduates have received has properly prepared them for their future,” he said in a news release.

Volkswagen Chattanooga created a unique partnership with Chattanooga State Community College and Tennessee Tech University (TTU) to develop the 2+2 MET program. This program gives team members the ability to earn an A.A.S. degree in Engineering Technology from Chattanooga State Community College and then transfer to TTU to obtain a B.S. in Industrial Engineering Technology. 

“The continued success of our programs in the Volkswagen Academy further Volkswagen Chattanooga’s commitment to the development of our workforce and the narrowing of the skills gap in our community,” Said Nicole Koesling, SVP Human Resources.  “We are thrilled to welcome our new graduates into the next step of their Volkswagen journey,” she said.

The Automation and Car mechatronics programs are three-year programs, which combines vocational classroom education and paid on-the-job training in one course. Students receive hands-on training in mechanical systems, electricity, electronics, welding and automated systems among other disciplines.
The Engineering Specialist program highlights the same hands-on experience of the mechatronics training coupled with three months of international experience at Volkswagen’s headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany. Upon completion of the program, graduates are hired into engineering positions at the Chattanooga factory.
The mechatronics programs are certified by the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) and the German American Chambers of Commerce (AHK USA). The certificate acknowledges companies training according to the German standards in the highest category defined by the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) in Berlin.
Volkswagen Chattanooga partners with Chattanooga State Community College to implement the Automation Mechatronics, Car Mechatronics and Engineering Specialist Programs in the cutting edge 163,000 sq. ft. Volkswagen Academy.
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