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Rivermont Elementary prepares to welcome students back to class

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Hamilton County students head back to class Thursday, and many teachers across the County have been working all summer to prepare.

Teachers at Rivermont Elementary School said they are excited to welcome students back to the classroom this school year. Students will be welcomed with bright colors and a whole new look.

"Some of the favorites," second grade teacher Barbara Crosslin said while walking around her classroom, "My most favorite is probably all of my cabinets that house all of my classroom library books."

Inside and out, nearly every inch of Rivermont Elementary got a facelift this summer.

"Every school deserves this," said 4th grade teacher Salli Tomlinson.

The 23 classrooms were upgraded with new bouncy balls, fun chairs, bright new colors, and inspirational posters. The hallways, exterior of the building, and cafeteria were also painted.

"The room overall, I love it," Tomlinson said, "I love the color. I love the feeling that's invoked when you come in here."

Big changes  teachers said are more than decorations.

"I think it invites them in," said Tomlinson, "They're excited to be here, it's welcoming, it's warm."

But the upgrades didn't happen overnight.

"The walls were a very dingy gray color," Crosslin said about her classroom before the upgrades, "The lighting was terrible."

Hundreds of volunteers put in work all summer long, working more than 45,000 volunteer hours total. Administrators said volunteers made hundreds of thousands of dollars in upgrades. It's hard work teachers said make all the difference.  

"This is their home most of the day during the school year," Crosslin urged, "I wanted it to feel like home and be a cheerful place."

So when  more than 300 students walk through these hallways, everything from the floor to the ceilings is meant to feel inviting. Now, as students are heading back to class administrators urge parents to be prepared as well.

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