UPDATE: Signal Mountain police are trying to figure out who is stealing packages from porches and mailboxes.

Officers said it has happened three times recently and there could be more victims out there. Police said new technology helped them pinpoint the problem.

This is the first full week their new data system has been in use. It tracks crime trends in the area.

That's what led officers to get the word out about thieves targeting neighborhoods.

What some consider to be a seasonal crime is striking Signal Mountain neighborhoods in the summer. Police said crooks are swiping packages from porches and mailboxes.

Colin Jordan lives in the Windtree subdivision near where one home was hit.

"Here you have the opportunity. Some of the houses, you can't see them. People that are professional that aren't here. So, it's the opportunity. Easy pickings," Colin Jordan, a neighbor said.

Jordan is retired and watches out for his neighbors.  Police said criminals are getting smarter, which is why their new data system is a welcome addition.

"Law enforcement has to move with it. Usually we're behind the curve. This system, we jump forward," Officer Troy Kennedy of the Signal Mountain Police Department.

Officer Kennedy said it'll make the department more efficient and pinpoint where certain crimes are happening. People living in Signal Mountain can expect to see officers around more too.

"That's because the officers will spend less time performing the old tasks of how they record keep and research," Officer Kennedy said.

Here's how to prevent this crime from happening to you:

  • Stay nearby if you're expecting a package
  • Ask a neighbor for help
  • Have the delivery service hold the package
  • Send it to work 
  • Watch for suspicious activity

As Jordan waits for a delivery, he's keeping a close eye on his neighborhood.

"I think probably more aware of watching when somebody pulls up in front of my neighbor's and scurries off," Jordan said.

Police said the next phase for them will be to add the new technology inside their police cruisers. They said that should be happening in the next couple of months.

If you have any information about these cases, give them a call at 423-886-2124 or call 423-698-2525 after 4:30 p.m.

Signal Mountain police are warning residents of a recent rash of package thefts.

Police say several packages have been stolen from porches and mailboxes over the last few days.

The thefts are not only happening in the town, but also in Hamilton County.

Police are asking citizens to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity, especially if you or your neighbor is expecting a package to be delivered.

If you've been victim of these thefts or know someone who has, please call the Signal Mountain Police Department at 423-886-2124 or call 423-698-2525 after 4:30 p.m.

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