A year-long and multi-county drug round-up has arrested 29 people. 

On Tuesday, Grundy County Sheriff, Clint Shrum says nearly 40 year law enforcement officers spread all across Grundy County and parts of Marion County to arrest the group. The 29 people arrested were in connection with failing to appear in court, probation violations as well as distributing controlled substances including methamphetamine, marijuana, methadone, morphine, xanex, oxycodone, and hydrocodone.  

The individuals arrested were part of undercover operations that were conducted in Marion and Grundy Counties by the 12th Judicial District Drug Task Force, the Grundy County Sheriff’s Department, the Tracy City Police Department and the Marion County Sheriff’s Department Narcotics Unit over the past year.  

Grundy County Sheriff Clint Shrum stated explained that operation of this caliber are absolutely necessary to ensure the safety of our citizens and community. The working relationships we have developed within our own county as well as surrounding counties bolster our ability to deter crime and apprehend offenders.

Marion County Sheriff Ronnie “Bo” Burnett stated that Marion County Sheriff’s Department is committed to working with its law enforcement partners to conduct long term drug investigations that target those people in our communities who choose distribute dangerous drugs.