A North Georgia woman is on a mission to return a priceless family keepsake to the rightful owner.

Lori Welborn of Fort Oglethorpe, found it 12 years ago when her family first moved into their home. She forgot about it for years, until she began packing for another move. Instead of tossing it out, she's hoping to find the person it belongs to.

The baby book was found in an old desk, left by the previous homeowners.  It was pretty much forgotten until Lori Welborn came across it.

Flipping through the pages of this baby book, Lori Welborn doesn't know much about the baby in it. “The date of birth is 67 so this year she would be 50. Maybe this would be a nice 50th birthday present for her,” Lori said.

There are a few clues to match the owner with the book “List the child's date of birth as December 16th, 1967. The place where the child was born was LaFayette, Georgia.”

But other than that, the owner's whereabouts remain a mystery. “The father's name is listed as David Anthony Franks. The mother's name is listed as Phyllis Anne Powell Franks. Also, the godparents are listed as Butch Gray and Joyce Jenkins.”

She posted photos on Facebook hoping to find the baby. Since Sunday she’s received hundreds of shares with people eager to help. But so far, no luck. “I hope that the owner of this book comes forward and she can have her baby book.”

But why would Welborn go through all of this effort to find someone she never met?  A keepsake belonging to a family who may have forgotten about the book decades ago? “It is heartbreaking. I just think if it was my baby book. I would want to get that back. The handwriting of my family members and some of my first milestones of my life. I would want to have that.”

If you believe this baby book belongs to you, contact Channel 3 Reporter Kate Smith at KSmith@wrcbtv.com. She will connect you to the Welborn family.