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What the Tech? What is the Dark Web

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When you fire up your computer to go online you're probably checking Facebook, national news, baseball highlights or listening to music. When some people fire up their computer they're shopping for drugs, stolen credit cards, guns and even human beings for sale.

Police in Italy have arrested one person for the kidnapping of a 20 year old British model who says she was grabbed at the airport, drugged then put in a suitcase before being held captive. Police have said her kidnappers were part of a crime ring involved in human trafficking. Investigators discovered the "Black Death Group" had put humans for sale on what's called "The Dark Web", the underworld below the internet we all use.

"Anything you can think of is out there," said computer expert David Gray. "Anything from sex, drugs, hitmen..."

Gray isn't a frequent visitor to The Dark Web but is familiar with it from what he finds on computers that are brought to his shop for repairs. He has seen videos and files found on computers with a browser that access the Deep and Dark Webs.

"There are things out there that you can run into that your eyes just cannot un-see," he said.

"It's almost like a marketplace, you can search and see things that are out there." When I browsed the Dark Web I found advertisements for videos of child porn, child rape, be-headings along with advertisements for drugs, guns and stolen identities. Some for a few hundred dollars. I also saw help-wanted advertisements for hitmen promising they would not take your money "until the job is done".

Gray describes it as "a scary scary world.

" What's even scarier is that it's virtually impossible for anyone to get caught. The dark and deep webs are encrypted to protect the identities and IP addresses of people using them. Transactions are through bitcoin, the internet currency that is also virtually untraceable. You can't access the dark web through Google or Firefox, You can only get there through a browser called "TOR" and the websites aren't .com's or .orgs, they're .onion.

While law enforcement agencies monitor what's going on on the Dark Web, they're almost helpless to stop what they see.

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