The Rhea County Fair kicks off Tuesday night and organizers want to assure people that all safety precautions are being taken to make sure the rides there are safe. 

This comes after a ride at the Ohio State Fair called the Fire Ball malfunctioned, killing one person and hurting several others.

“Our carnival company does not have that ride. They do not have anything that is remotely close to that ride. He has provided inspection papers and insurance and that is what the state requires,” said organizer Brittany Dean. 

State officials have banned the Fire Ball at fairs across Tennessee in the wake of what happened in Ohio last month. 

Dean says all of the rides at the Rhea County Fair have been inspected, tested and are ready for fair goers.

“I let my children ride these rides. I believe these rides are safer in some aspects than amusement parks. The rides at carnivals are touched every single day. We watch them put them up, we watch them take them down, we watch them test them,” said Dean. 

Dean says there’s something parents should try to do while kids are on the rides. 

“I let my kids ride but I also stand and I supervise my children. If they are told not to swing on the ride, I expect them to follow the ride rules also so it goes both ways with the carnival operators and the people on them, they have to follow the rules also,” she told Channel 3. 

If parents still aren’t crazy about the idea of fair rides, Dean says there’s plenty of other things to see and do at the Rhea County Fair’s 10th Anniversary Barnyard Birthday Bash. There’s a petting zoo, farm animals, arts, crafts, exhibits, pageants and a rodeo to name a few. 

“Come let your kids have fun,” she told Channel 3.

The Rhea County Fair begins Tuesday afternoon and runs through Saturday night.

If it rains, the events will go on as planned but the carnival company will determine if the rides are safe to stay open.

Visit the Rhea County Fair's website for a full list of events.