A Marion County patrol officer is back on the job after he was attacked by a dog while responding to a call Sunday night.  

The incident happened around 11 p.m. at a home on Pine Street. 

Sheriff Ronnie "Bo" Burnett says Officer Justin Graham responded to the home for a domestic disturbance call when he was bitten by a pit bull three times. 

The dog's owner, Tiffany Foshee was charged with Interfering With Police Investigation. 

Sheriff Burnett says his officers have responded to several calls at Foshee's home in the past, but this is the first time they've encountered a dog. 

"They told me they were trying to knock on the door to get somebody to open the door. At some point this lady opened the door and a pit bull went out and did attack officer Graham. He said at first it did hit him in the leg and it kind of knocked him off balance. He said the second time he felt that he lunged at his throat; he used his hands in a defensive manner," said Burnett. 

Graham was bitten twice on his left hand and once on the leg. 

Burnett says Graham had the right to use deadly force to protect himself, but Graham says he didn't have a chance. He ended up just shaking the dog loose. 

"I guess the million dollar question is did she open up the door knowing what the dog was going to do or did she open the door and didn't realize that the dog would do that. That might have to be something that's answered in court," said Burnett. 

In Jasper, Tennessee, just four miles away from Foshee's home, pit bulls are banned within city limits. Burnett says Foshee did not violate any laws regarding her dog.

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Burnett says more charges may be filed. 

"I'm just glad it wasn't real serious you know. I would really hate for one of my officers to get hurt by something like that," said Burnett. 

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