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Online system helping to make school registration easier

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Hamilton County students head back to classes on Thursday but before that can happen, they have to be registered. 

Monday was the deadline for parents to do so. 

Local School Start Dates | HERE

Registration was a little bit different at Red Bank High School. 

The Lions were one of 10 schools in Hamilton County that offered registration online this year. 

With every parents required to register their child in school, whether they are returning or not, the online tool allowed parents to complete all the required forms online and then show up in person for that final signature. 

The principal at Red Bank High School said everything went smoothly, for the most part. 

"We did have a momentary hick-up but that only lasted about ten minutes and we resolved that and it ran smoothly for the rest of the day," Elaine Harper said.

Harper said they are all set for doors to officially open on Thursday. 

If you missed registration, make sure you call your school ASAP to find out what you need to do to be registered and click HERE for more info. 

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