A German professor is swimming the entire Tennessee River for a science project. 

Dr. Andreas Fath is swimming the 652-mile river that stretches from Knoxville to Paducah, Kentucky. 

He's partnered with the Tennessee Aquarium to shed light on the quality and health of the Tennessee River. 

His journey has already taken him more than 150 miles. 

Dr. Fath tells Channel 3, he doesn't necessarily have to swim in order to collect the data but he does it to raise awareness. 

"No effort is too huge to improve water quality, that's the message," Dr. Fath says. "If I can do such a big thing on this river so everyone of us can do a little thing to improve water quality."

He says if we don't change the way we treat the river, there will be more waste in the water than there are fishes.

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