Hamilton County Schools Superintendent, Dr. Bryan Johnson, wrapped up the first stop on his community listening tour Thursday night. 

After nine days on the job, Johnson is visiting all nine districts to discuss the future of Hamilton County schools.

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Dr. Johnson addressed five things he says will be the focus for the district; setting a clear mission with the school board, organization, school leadership, teachers, and communication. 

Dr. Johnson's notepad was filled with notes after an hour of community input. Parents, teachers, principals, school and city officials filled a room at The Teacher's Place, providing input. 

One of the topics of discussion was the district's strengths. Many say teachers top the list. 

"We have teachers for the most part who care about our students, who care about making gains, who care about what's going on in their lives," said Howard School teacher, Jeremy Finch. 

Weaknesses were another topic. 

With two kids headed to Hamilton County schools, Candy Johnson, Dr. Johnson's wife,  says she once worried about the district's image. 

"Within the district there's conversation about well that's not a good school; you shouldn't send your kids there and I want to be able to send my kids to any school here and feel comfortable," said Mrs. Johnson. 

Head Start Teacher, Vickie Thompson, says she hopes to see more parents engage with their child's education. 

"Teachers shouldn't have to learn about a child without their parents giving some input into it who knows that child better than their parents. I've heard some horror stories about some other places where there's a huge lack of parent involvement," said Thompson. 

Dr. Johnson says he will own up to the district's challenges, but he  also wants to highlight the good. 

"There are great teachers great leaders great district personnel and this is a great community. All this input will help us build a plan and work with the board and setting the mission and vision for the district as we continue to move forward," said Dr. Johnson. 

 A link was provided that allows everyone to to provide feedback online. To access it click, here