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Tennessee Highway Patrol inspects school buses in the Tennessee Valley

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Parents put their kids on the school bus every morning and trust they’ll get to and from school safely. 

This week, the Tennessee Highway Patrol is conducting inspections to make sure every school bus in the state is safe.

Inspectors look at each bus from top to bottom to search for anything that could be unsafe.

“We're looking for brakes, we're looking for tires, lug nuts, exhaust and the interior of the bus. We're looking to make sure seats are in good condition and there are no sharp or protruding objects inside the bus,” said Sgt. Alan Bailey.

Sgt. Bailey says his office is in charge of inspecting more than 1,000 school buses in twelve southeast Tennessee counties, including Hamilton County.

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"It's good to get another set of eyes even though the driver may do maintenance or the mechanics may do maintenance on the buses. We want to make sure it was done properly,” said Sgt. Bailey.

What kinds of problems have inspectors found so far?

"Typically, we find a couple of brakes out of adjustment, some light problems where over the summer the lights have corroded because they haven't been used or where the students have been inside the bus. Sometimes we find cut seats or the foam on the back of the seats are out,” said Sgt. Bailey.

If parents want to know how to tell if their child’s bus has been inspected they can look for the yellow sticker on the front of the school bus.

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Sgt. Bailey says buses that are less than 15 years-old are inspected once a year.

School buses that are older than that are inspected twice a year.  

The Tennessee Highway Patrol also does spot checks where they show up to schools to inspect school buses unannounced.


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