An Athens, TN man has made it his mission to repair the homes of the less fortunate. His workload got a little heavier after a tornado damaged dozens of homes in the area last November.

Frank Davis started Helping Hands Ministry in 2012 after retiring from Habitat For Humanity, blending his skills and his faith to serve the community.

Geraldine Blair remembers the howling winds on Wayne Road.

"Oh, it was blowing! It was blowing!" exclaims Blair. "I got into bed and covered up and just scrunched up like this."

She wasn't hurt, but the EF-2 tornado that touched down damaged her roof, awnings, and shed. The 88-year-old lives alone and couldn't afford insurance or the cost of repairs. She's thankful for Davis and Helping Hands

"They came and they rescued me," adds Blair.

Davis did $15,000 worth of repairs for free, including a roof replacement.

"We get a lot of satisfaction out of seeing people that otherwise would just not be able to do anything," David says humbly.

The ministry can do this for everyone it helps thanks to partnerships with the United Way, Athens Federal Community Bank, and local churches. Davis aims to help low income home owners, and the work is done by Davis and volunteers.

"Just grateful for the opportunity to help some of these people," adds Davis.

Just over the ridge from Blair's home Davis fixed Dawn Sutton's house. He heard about damage in her neighborhood and offered assistance.  

"They did help and they were there when I needed them. When I called them, they were there. And I really appreciate everything they've done for me," says Sutton.

In the past five years Helping Hands has repaired more than 100 homes, about 15 of them damaged by the tornado. In 2014 Davis received a community service award for his work, but he says it's not about him it's about the people he helps.

"When God calls you to be a Christian, he also calls you to then come and do some work," says Davis.

He's almost finished repairing homes damaged by the tornado and he has 50 new projects on his "to do" list. Helping Hands Ministry serves mainly McMinn and Meigs Counties. Besides essential repairs, the ministry also builds add-ons such as handicap ramps.