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What the Tech? Microsoft eye tracking

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Look Ma!! No hands.

The next computer you buy may be controlled with only your eyes. If you're browsing through Facebook's newsfeed you may only need to look at the bottom of the computer monitor. If you want to 'like' a post you may only need to blink.

Microsoft announced new Windows 10 computers will include eye tracking software and they will be available sometime next year. Woah. Really?

Yes, really.

The technology has been advancing at a rapid pace over the past 5 years. I first gazed at someone controlling a cursor and clicking on folders at CES way back in 2012. Tobii is one of the first companies with the vision. I was amazed at how the technology worked in 2012 when I saw people using desktop software and playing a Ms Packman game on a console hands-free.

Eye tracking software is in use on some gaming computers but Microsoft will certainly make it mainstream by adding it to every new Windows 10 computer. It's also being integrated by Facebook which purchased Eye Tribe, a relatively small company that developed the technology for smartphones and tablets. Their software was on display at CES 2016.

One of the developers told me it will be helpful for people suffering from a neuro-muscular disease such as ALS and multiple-sclerosis who cannot operate a mouse or swipe their fingers across a screen successfully

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